cocktailToday was another adventurous time at the dr. It was my first official appointment at the Naval Hospital and, lets just say, I was less than impressed. Actually if I could avoid going back I would. It was not the best experience. In the long run, the only reason I put myself through it was so that I could get some drugs to help me survive and avoid ending up in the ER again. My HG has been so bad that I’ve been mostly in bed for the last two months. When I’m up I’m throwing up or dry heaving, and continuously nauseous. I’ve been dysfunctional. My mom, bless her heart, has been an angel taking care of everything while I’ve been in bed. I feel like I wasted away the kids summer. I can only try to make up for it now. The doctor signed off on giving me drugs that they give to chemo patients to help fend off nausea for cancer treatments. It’s a crazy combination, but I am feeling better already and I’ve only had one dose. It’s a combination of 4 different medications and some others to counteract some side effects. I hate taking medication, but in this instance I’m grateful both for myself and my kids. And my mom too!


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