Making the night useful.


My two older children are having a sleepover at the neighbors house, and for whatever reason, (Ok, nausea), I can’t sleep.

For a moment or two I lay in my bed feeling really angry and annoyed that I was awake, and then the thought crossed my mind that I should be doing something “useful”. So I started to think of each of my kids. What did they need? Clothes for winter, school supplies, new coats. I went down a list, mentally, of what they needed. But what do they really need? They need me to pray for them. They need me to pray that I can do right for them. So what do they really need?

  • This child needs courage to do what is right when they are feeling the pressure to just conform. Give him courage, Lord. And help me to teach this child correctly how to do that.
  • That child needs to learn humility and patience. Intolerance is hurting this ones relationships and could have huge a impact on this ones future. Lord, teach me how to show/teach humility and tolerance/understanding for others shortcomings.
  • And this child? Lord, give ME perseverance to guide this one correctly both in words and actions so that through my example this one will SEE and understand love, gentleness, compassion, forgiveness, humility and every other virtue that they might need throughout life.

These are truly things that my children need. They need me to teach them how to love! Of course my children need the basics, like every other child. But they need me to care for their souls as well. It’s quite the responsibility, and I’m humbled by the fact that I’ve been called to do so. I feel so blessed that I’m able to help them through, and to be a guide for them. No doubt my imperfect humanity will show through quite often as I try my best to raise them, but I try to keep my eye on the fact that there is something greater than myself which is calling me to be more and better for their sake. I pray I can provide them with a good foundation.



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