My health and NFP.


When we got married I had a vague understanding of NFP. Enough to understand my fertility and how everything works. Over time I’ve come to understand it even better. I know my body, and could thoroughly educate a doctor or nurse on my body and cycle, pinpoint my days of fertility, and the days that I’ve conceived. What I’ve found is that usually the main-stream dr or nurse is skeptical of my knowledge.

When I was in the hospital last week the nurse practitioner doubted my dates when I told her my due date and the date of my last period. She saw that my belly was larger in her opinion than what it should be at 12 weeks and from there assumed I didn’t know what I was talking about. It took an ultrasound and measurements of the baby for her to conclude that “So yes, your dates seem spot on with how baby is measuring. It’s the cyst/fibroid that are enlarging your uterus to the size they are.” Here is where it is thrilling for me. Not only were they able to “scientifically” confirm what I already knew, but we were able to find underlying causes for the pain and discomfort and enlargement of my uterus. That is amazing and wonderful because that information is essential for my future health-care. We may never have found those things if they hadn’t gone specifically looking for some underlying cause to my pain. The wonderful thing about using Natural Family Planning is that you are taking away all the artificial reasons for symptoms (like side effects of synthetic hormonal birth control) and focusing on the actual health of the patient.

Information on the the form of NFP that I use can be found here.


One thought on “My health and NFP.

  1. Hi,
    My wife and I have been and NFP teacher for about 13 years. We often struggle with getting people to understand the importance of NFP. One thing we never have trouble with is telling them how it is helped us medically even when we struggle to convince doctors and nurses of the same. It is stories like this one that make all the difference. Thank you so very much for sharing it with us.


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