Adventures at the ER.



Isn’t it usually the children that you’re having to visit the ER for? For most parents it is!

My own few visits to the ER have always ended up being for something pretty serious: severe migraines that have lasted weeks, strep throat that turned into a thyroid cancer diagnosis, pain or contractions during pregnancy.

I ended up giving in to going to the ER last Saturday. The evening before I’d had pretty severe cramping. It went away as I slept, but when I woke up the next morning my nausea was gone completely and I had some more cramping. I was fearing the worst, so we headed to the hospital. I needed some reassurance that everything was ok. No matter what was going on I was intent on remaining calm so as not to alarm the kids. They didn’t need to be concerned. We were just going to check on the baby and see how everything was going, I informed them.

Of course we ended up spending most of the day there. My mom took care of the kids while I had an ultra sound and other tests. We confirmed that baby is A-Ok. The Dr. thought I was measuring LARGE, like almost 20 weeks. That is impossible. Physically impossible. I track/chart my fertility using NFP and know my cycle well. And given that Kevin is only home for certain lengths of time that sort of limits the window of opportunity. Not that dr’s believe me ever. I’m certain that they see infidelity all the time…but I for one and faithful. So after I explained that, she told me it was likely I was carrying multiples. My eyes must have been as big as saucers! No. Way. The ultra sound confirmed only one baby is living in there! A wiggly one too. And my dates are correct. They could hardly capture a picture. That put my heart at ease. I could go through hell as long as baby is ok, is my feeling. (Although, I really would love if they could make this constant sickness go away!) They did find some cysts and a fibroid on my uterus. Honestly that explained a whole lot! It explains my uterus being enlarged, and it explains my pain during my menstrual cycle, and now this pain that’s been pretty consistent for the last week now.

Despite the pain, and the sickness, (and being made sick-er by the pain) I’m happy. There’s nothing worse than uncertainty. Put together uncertainty, lots of pain, and crazy pregnancy dreams and you have a recipe for a paranoid woman!

Thank you, you funny ER nurses, for putting up with my paranoia and putting my mind at ease. I hope I don’t see any of you for a very long time!

Next time I’d like to talk a little bit about NFP and how its affected my medical care.


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