12 weeks down!


Well hello there little bubbly belly! I can still suck you in a little, but it’s easier just to let you hang around. My kids like to come and hug my belly. It’s pretty darn cute. “Good night baby”, they exclaim as they hug my belly goodnight. They love this baby SO much already. I love that. They see cute little baby clothes, or a baby in a stroller and they just make the cutest little exclamations of delight. Even my ten year old. He’s just in love with babies.

So here’s where this delighting mama is at:

24/7 sickness and vomiting. Zofran only takes the top off a little.

I’ve found that Gatorade, sipped, makes me feel a tiny bit better. For a few minutes.

I’m super forgetful, scattered, and feeling a bit “childlike”. Sort of like “I want to hug my mommy and have her make it all better.

I cry at the drop of a hat. Actually, I cry at commercials on tv, cute kitties, the thought of 6 more months of being pregnant, the thought of holding a new baby, my husband not here, the fact that I will be seeing a different dr for the duration of my pregnancy, that I can’t keep anything down,  & insert anything remotely emotional. Basically…everything.

I hiccup. A lot. While trying to suppress throwing up, I hiccup instead. In the end…just letting myself throw up is better than hiccups.

But on a high note I’ve been feeling the flutter of baby feet pummeling my belly. It’s still not apparent from the outside, but bubble-baby is definitely active! It puts my mind at ease to know he/she is busy growing despite how sick I’ve been!

Kick on, little one.




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