morning sickness

This mama would make a great paper weight. Or an anchor. I do anchor my little family in place, that is for sure. I’ve been pretty sick. Thankfully not enough to end me in the hospital, but enough to keep me mostly bedridden. We’ve been blessed to have the kids keeping busy with kids in the neighborhood. I have no problem with them playing noisily. I know what they are doing and that they are ok. I’m frustrated with my inability to get up and take them somewhere, but I get so tired so fast. The waves of nausea that hit when I get out of bed are enough to send me right back to the bathroom and then back to bed to recover.

The good news is that I can finally feel my little bundle-bubble growing in my belly. Finally something to show for all the sick I’ve been experiencing! Am I the only mama who feels super duper excited once a bubble-belly starts to show? Sweet sweet external proof of what’s going on! It’s almost like vindication šŸ™‚


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