It’s ironic.

2013-07-11 09.31.54

I had a good little laugh this morning. Let me share.

So the nausea from being pregnant really started to get so bad that I was having a hard time functioning over the last few weeks. My doctor finally gave me Zofran, and it’s taken the edge off. But I still wake up feeling very sick, and go throughout the day and night with quite a bit of nausea as well. It wasn’t any different this morning. I was trying to lay as still as possible, as long as possible to avoid throwing up or having to get up and struggle to the kitchen for another pill. And then my little guy woke up. Sometime during the night he had climbed into bed next to me. I heard him roll out of my bed and head into the hallway. And then I heard him start to gag and dry heave. OH NO. I tried not to be sick myself as I rushed out of bed as fast as I could and get him to the bathroom. He was gagging. I was gagging because he was gagging.

Then I walked into the kitchen and saw what my mom and kids had hung up for me. Happy Birthday to me!

Haha…great way to start the celebration!


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