Rebuilding the Baby Stash.

2010-07-31 00.34.53

When this baby is born my youngest will be four years old. That’s still little, but it’s a long enough space of time to decide to finally clean out the baby stuff and “move on”. Little did we know we wouldn’t be moving on from baby-ness as soon as we thought! Not that I mind. I do love to cuddle a baby. However, every mother knows that you reach a certain point and then decide that it’s time to let go of the tiny baby clothes and make room for other things in your life.

With regards to baby supplies, I am a cloth mama. I use cloth items like re-usuable menstrual pads, cloth breast pads, unpaper towels, wool dryer balls, and cloth diapers. You can guess it! When I started cleaning out baby stuff that I thought we wouldn’t need anymore, I sold off my stash of cloth diapers. But it isn’t too big of a deal. Actually I’m quite excited by the idea of getting to sew cloth for a newborn. I started cloth diapering with my daughter in gDiapers years ago and loved them. Then when my youngest was born, I decided that the most financially viable idea for our family was to cloth diaper again. I started sewing them and began our stash with just a few, and grew to LOVE them so much that eventually it grew into a business. I didn’t exclusively cloth diaper my son to begin. We came home with packages of disposables from the hospital, so the natural thing was to use those up and I built my cloth diaper stash in the process. He was, by that time, already out of newborn cloth diapers, so I had little experience with making them myself. I’m excited to make more and see how we do. I’m really looking forward to the process of growing a stash of diapers, and some other cute baby items that I’ve seen lately.

I’m also so grateful that I’ve been gifted with talents that allow me to provide for my family in this way!


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