More talk, please.

2013-06-23 19.10.13

Yesterday evening the children all sprawled around me as we watched America’s Got Talent and I painted my toe nails. I’m taking advantage of the fact that I can still reach my toes! Good conversation always happens when we’re all together. I always get a good laugh at some of their silly questions and comments. And this time was no different. The topic of conversation was baby names.

My littlest guy thought Joe was a good name. “Yes, Joe. We should name him Joe.” I asked him what if it was a girl.

“Umm….Jo!” he exclaimed again.

Another said Lucy. Or Steven. Or a million other names. Silly names, serious names. Names I’ve never heard of.

A ton of giggles. Some arguing over, “what if it’s a boy/girl!”

I just enjoy listening to the talk. It makes me happy to have us all together, spending time just being family.

So often there’s so much going on. Everyone seems to be busy doing their own thing, and then there’s little conversation. We forget to just talk to each other. Baby has definitely slowed me down to the point where I can usually be found laying on my bed right now. The kids come to find me to solve arguments, and break up fights, but I like that sometimes they just come and snuggle next to me and talk. It’s good stuff.


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