Seeing Their Uniqueness



Each of my children are unique. Before my oldest was born, the thought or idea of his uniqueness wasn’t much of a concept that entered my mind. When you don’t have a child, it’s easy for you to think of each child in this detached sort of way. Our society has this way of clumping them all together as these “little people” whose individualism isn’t realized until sometime in young adulthood. However, scientifically we know that each child is a unique and unrepeatable person with it’s own set of DNA. It’s fascinating, don’t you think?

I can tell you now from experience that each of my children, from the moment I started to feel them move within me, was an individual. They each had different personalities, different patterns of movement within me. With each one I began to feel this curiosity, this unrelenting drive to know who this person was. Who are you little baby? Who are you going to be? What are you going to do? As time has gone by my feeling of just accepting a new “baby” has changed to anticipating meeting and learning and growing with a unique individual. What is this person going to teach me about myself and the world? What part of my own person-hood will be tested by this new personality? What is this person going to bring to our world? Well, obviously because this is a unique and unrepeatable person they will bring something unique and unrepeatable. Something unique. That makes each of them special.


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